“It was one of the best parts I did at my wedding. Dan is very passionate about his job. …far and beyond what most people will do for your wedding.”

Farren & Jeff

Hi Dan! Sorry for my delayed response… I go the video you sent last week and LOVED it. Thank you for taking the extra time to put that together for us. Thanks again Dan for going above and beyond for Luke and me in such a short time period. Words can’t express how happy we were to have you there!

Kyla & Luke 10/20/15

It was a pleasure working with Dan for our wedding! He was extremely flexible with all the crazy timing changes, and always willing to jump in whenever they could. I really appreciate the consistent professionalism and strong work ethic. I very enthusiastically recommend Xoomworx Videography for lasting memories!

Shati 4/15/14

I just cannot begin to express how pleased we were with XoomworX. Dan was amazing!!!!! He caught the most perfect moments of the ceremony and reception. He even did some personal touches that were PERFECT when editing the videos. My daughter and I had discussed having a videography, but at first decided with the other expenses that we probably couldn’t afford one. The ones close to us were way over what we could spend. I believe it was like maybe 8 to 10 weeks before the wedding that I told my husband and daughter and soon to be son-in-law ” I really thing we are going to regret not having a video that we can sit down later and see moments that we would probably miss.” They agreed and then my daughter went on the internet and starting looking. She called me and said “Mom I really think I found one that would be perfect, but he is quite a few miles from us and we are starting so late he is probably booked. After viewing Dan’s website, I knew she was right and said “Lets give it a try.” So we contacted Dan and couldn’t believe it but May 18th was open, and he just charged a little extra for gas. We truly feel blessed that it all worked out. As parents of the bride we knew we were going to miss certain aspects of the wedding and reception——but Thanks to Dan, we can sit down and view it whenever we want to feel all the joy and wonder of one of the most precious days of our daughters life. Thank You again Dan!!!!!!
Very Sincerely, Jeanne M. Tobias (Morgan & Joshua’s Wedding)

  • Wedding: 05/18/2013

Hi Dan! In brief…WE LOVE IT!! (Our video) Awwwww…I can’t tell you how much fun it was to watch!! Much of it I remember, but there were moments that I’d forgotten! It was great!! Especially loved the “Hello” (guest interviews) section and the Montage! How fun!!!  🙂  Your video is the best…everyone told us we HAD to have a videographer, and it’s true! Absolutely one of the smartest things we did…and so, so worth the money!  🙂   What a wonderful way to preserve our memories!! you can tell I am SO happy…!!!

Martha B. 11/8/2010

Dan! Just wanted to drop you a note to tell you what a success the wedding was. I had many compliments on the countless hours that you worked and the great job that you did. Thank you so much! Without you it wouldn’t have been complete. Please thank Kim as well. What a great team you make!

Linda B. 9/1/2010

Dan, sorry it took so long to get back in touch with you but the past few months have been a bit of a whirlwind. We want to thank you soooo much for the video of our wedding back in August. I see where this feedback section has been added and want to add my 2 cents worth. Chris and I thought the video was superb. We thoroughly enjoyed it. I’m not sure how it could’ve been any better! Using 3 cameras was a great benefit. We got to see so much more of what was going on during the day. I really liked the montage at the end! Thank you so very much. We had such a good time sharing this with our family and friends.

Kelly & Chris W. 12/27/2009

We got married last October and had Dan as our videographer. He did an EXCELLENT job and we were both very pleased. He was very flexible and easy to work with. He was very respectful and polite with our guests, which was very important to me. I have heard of some video/photographers that boss ppl around to get what they need. Dan also had our final video done within 3 weeks which was very impressive to us. I would hire Dan and/or recommend Good Guy Video for videography in a heart beat!  🙂

Cory & Monica 11/20/2009

I took a risk with Dan (back in May) because I found them him on the internet and didn’t know what to expect. First let me say you can depend on Dan and his expertise! The videos were SOOOO so awesome! We were left speechless as to what a good job was done. Truly an awesome memory of our wedding. I love the highlights montage. Absolutely lovely. And using three cameras gave our wedding the extra touch.! We love our videos! Thanks again!

Stephen & Carina L.  11/8/2009