The DVDS came. They are wonderful!


We both saw so much, especially during the reception, that we missed or were in too much of a daze to have register. I love having Jim’s reaction to the day on record! I never realized how much of a compliment he gave me until I saw the XoomworX movie! We’ve already watched it several times! After having worked on the day for so long it is great to be able to relive it…over and over… Megan and I both agreed the interviews ended up being one of our favorite parts. We were afraid people would be embarrassed or feel awkward, but everyone seemed to enjoy getting their chance to be in the movies. We are extremely pleased with videos and thought there were some wonderful shots! I am sure Megan and I will enjoy watching the videos over and over in years to come.
Thanks so much for all your work at XoomworX! Nancy F.

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