It WOULD HAVE BEEN a huge mistake! XoomworX came through for us!


Wow, we can’t say enough about Dan & XoomworX. I’ll admit we almost tried to save a few measly dollars and go with somebody only a little cheaper. But now I have our DVDs from XoomworX and KNOW we made the right choice! The video production is magnificent! My husband and I can only imagine how much time XoomworX put into our video and the care Dan used to get everything just right for us. Everybody who sees our videos are blown away. Nobody (nobody!) has ever seen wedding videos as professional as ours and we are so proud of it. We didn’t fully understand the type work to expect from XoomworX til we got ours. Wow. All we can say is wow! Thank you Kim and Dan. Barbara and Gary in Ft. Wayne. PS We saw videos of a friend’s wedding and it wasn’t as good as ours. And THEY paid almost $3,000 to a different video company!

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